Hey Guys

Sorry to be asking questions in a steady flow, Im still a learner but understand the majority of functions in vectorworks.

A slightly ("amateur") but needed report/schedule I need to create for my own benefit whilst designing really is a sort of schedule I can change visually to mark on box which gives the names of the months through the year and then tells you visually when each plant you choose will flower and what colour it will be.

Is there any way I can do this? I will show an example of what I mean in a screenshot of a photoshop image I have created to try and illustrate this.

Also.. are there any visual symbols or even plugins to help visually representing site analysis at all? I think it would be a really cool addition to vectorworks if they were there to help planners create visual maps of sites or perhaps even designers involved in architectural property design. What I mean by all of this would be a set of symbols which are commonly drawn by planners and architects to visually plan out a space before committing their design to the site. It helps designers/planners communicate weaknesses and strengths of the site and how those features can be incorporated into the final design.

Anyway, posting the screenshot here of the visual plant graph information example illustration.


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